Kloster Seeon


SC 2012 will take place in the abbey Kloster Seeon close to the Chiemsee in Bavaria, Germany (south-east of Munich), click here.

    Copyright by Fotostudio Christoph Vohler, Munich.


Travel Information


Note that Koster Seeon not reachable by public transportation and you have to take a taxi for the last part of your trip. There are four options:
  • Use a taxi from Munich airport to Koster Seeon (around 110-130 Euro)
  • Shared taxi from Munich airport to Koster Seeon (see below)
  • Use a taxi from Munich main train station to Koster Seeon (around 120 Euro)
  • Use a local train from Munich train station to Bad Endorf and then take a taxi to Koster Seeon (around 55 Euro)

Train / Taxi

Coming from Munich airport one possibility to reach Kloster Seeon is going by Train and Taxi.

  • At the German Rail ("DB") ticket desk, buy a ticket to Bad Endorf
  • Take the subway "S8" to Munich Ostbahnhof
  • At Munich Ostbahnhof change on train to Bad Endorf
  • In Bad Endorf you'll call a Taxi which would take you to Kloster Seeon

Tickets for the train can be purchased at the German Rail (DB) ticket desk at the airport or online at Tickets would cost about 20,00€ (one way). The taxi trip from Bad Endorf to Seeon would be around 35,00€. There exist a couple of taxi companies in Bad Endorf whose contact information are

Taxi Speermann
tel: +49-8053-1006 OR +49-170-9659782

Taxi Rupp-Hofmeister
tel: +49-08051-655-66 OR +49-173-7461228

Taxi Barth
tel: +49-8051-2442


Another possibility would be to directly take a taxi from the Airport to Kloster Seeon. We selected one company and negotiated fixed prices for this trip. Depending on the size of the Taxi the prices are:

  • Normal taxi (1 to 3 people) : 110,00 EURO per trip
  • Large-capacity taxi (4 to 7 people) : 130,00 EURO per trip

The contact data for the taxi company is
Flughafen München Taxi
tel: +49-151-4162-0000 OR +49-178-742-1646

Taxi (shared rides)

As taking a taxi when travelling alone might be too expensive, we would offer to try to schedule taxi trips, according to your arrival at Munich Airport so that we would utilize the taxi capacities to the most (ideal case). We can only offer this from the airport, not the train station.
To allow us to plan ahead, please send us an email to with your name, your flight number (if you know it) and your arrival/departure time as soon as possible (but until the 15th of August latest). We then schedule the taxi trips, communicate this to you and the the taxi company and they will wait for you at the airport with a visible "Spatial Cognition"-Sign and/or a sign with your name.



For departing the two afformentioned possibilities exist too. So you can either get from Kloster Seeon to Munich by taxi/train, by taxi or by taxi (shared ride). For the latter, as the number of people departing in a short time window will presumably be higher, we will - depending on responses - either schedule taxi trips or charter a bus.

To allow us to plan ahead, please send us an email to with your name, your flight number (if you know it) and your arrival/departure time as soon as possible. We will then plan accordingly.